Benefits of Radioactivity

It is not enough to simply know what radioactivity is and the various types of radiations. Radioactivity is not a far- fetched concept only studied by scientists in labs: it is very much applicable in day to day life. There are many benefits that arise from using radioactive materials correctly. However, over- exposure to radiation can prove not just dangerous but even fatal. Here are the benefits and risks that come with using radioactive material:

  1. Industrial Application

Radioactivity makes it possible to carry out certain industrial tasks that would otherwise be difficult or entirely impossible to carry out. For instance, it is used in mineral and oil exploration, as one of the most efficient and convenient ways to look for minerals. It is also used to detect weaknesses and leaks in gas and oil pipelines. There are also practical applications in certain fields of engineering such as civil engineering.

  1. Medical Application

Radioactivity is also extremely useful in various medical fields. For example, it is used to make the diagnosis of certain diseases possible. It is also used to treat countless illnesses. Radiopharmaceutical drugs are the most helpful in this respect. They can be ingested, inhaled or even injected orally.

  1. Sterilization

Another common medical application of radioactivity is sterilization, especially after the packaging of various medical instruments such as syringes and surgical gloves. It is also used to sterilize medical substances that cannot be sterilized using traditional sterilization methods such as ointments and powders.


It is easy to see that radio activity is immensely useful to human beings. However, constant and extreme exposure to radioactive material can lead to various cancers and even death.

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